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Procedure and Patient Instructions


In most situations, we are able call in your prescription to a pharmacy. To expedite the process, please have the following information ready to provide to our staff at the time of your call:

  • The correct spelling of your name
  • Your date of birth
  • A telephone number where you can be reached
  • The pharmacy name and telephone number
  • The name and dose of your medication, as well as how much you receive and how you take it
  • If it is a refill, the RX number (usually listed on the label near the top of the bottle) is also helpful.

Please allow us enough time to access your chart, forward it to the doctor, and telephone the pharmacist. In some cases, we may request you call the pharmacist who can then call the doctor directly.

Test Results

Depending on the laboratory and/or the type of test you have performed, it takes anywhere from a few moments to several hours to a couple of days or weeks for our office to receive the results.

Please have the following information available when calling our office for test results:

  • The name of the test(s)
  • Where the test was performed
  • The date the test was performed
  • The name of the doctor who ordered the test

Once our staff receives the results, they are forwarded to the appropriate physician and you will then be notified. The doctors are not always able to return calls as quickly as they would like. Test results may not be released until a doctor has had an opportunity to review them.


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