Conditions and Treatments

Minimally Invasive therapy for enlarged prostate (BPH): (TUNA)

Prostiva RF Therapy - For Enlarged Prostate


PROSTIVA RF (radio frequency) Therapy is a minimally-invasive treatment for symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The PROSTIVA RF Therapy System delivers low-level radio frequency energy directly into the prostate and destroys the prostate tissue, improving the symptoms of BPH.


PROSTIVA RF Therapy is indicated for the treatment of symptoms due to urinary outflow obstruction secondary to BPH in men with prostate sizes between 20 cc and 50 cc.


  • Provides long-term relief of BPH symptoms from one treatment session
  • Associated with few side effects and adverse events.
  • Takes less than one hour on average
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia
  • Treatment is targeted; adjacent tissues and organs are preserved.
  • Cost effective: Can be performed as an outpatient procedure in a urologist’s office
  • Affordable: Covered by Medicare and most private health plans

Procedure and Follow-up

  • PROSTIVA RF Therapy total procedure time is less than one hour, with some preparation and recovery time required.
  • The PROSTIVA generator lesion time is 22 percent faster than the previous generation of RF therapy.
  • PROSTIVA RF Therapy treats the median and lateral lobe as well as asymmetrical prostates. (Exception: Median lobes that protrude into the bladder and collapse over the bladder neck.)
  • The device is inserted into the urethra and deploys two custom-set needle electrodes into the obstructing prostate tissue. The needles emit radio frequency (RF) energy directly and precisely into the prostate, causing thermal ablation of the obstructing tissue.
  • Most patients can undergo the PROSTIVA procedure with only a sedative and a local anesthetic.
  • Forty percent of patients were catheterized in the original clinical study. In later studies, 6–15 percent of patients were catheterized.
  • Most patients are able to return to normal activities within a few days.